About Me


My name is Jorge Bento, I’m from Portugal, and I started this blog to document my journey on Internet Marketing. I really hope this will be a successful journey to create my business online.

I’m 44 years old, at the moment of this writing, and I’ve been working almost 20 years in the software development market. In the last years I started my own company, a small company dedicated to software distribution and marketing, but man… times are though!

Also I see all around me a lot of people that lost their jobs and that struggle even harder then me to pay their bills and to provide food, comfort and education to their families. I wish I could help some of those people, but in my company I barely get the minimum to staying alive.

So I decided to give a try and create a business online. This has two purposes: to earn more money and get a nice income that allows me to live the life of my dreams, with more freedom and confidence, and to share what I’ll learn with others so they can also achieve their financial independence.

To achieve these goals will be the realization of my deepest desires. If I can provide abundance to my family that allows us to live comfortably and do what we love most, travel around the world, will be fantastic. If I can help even one person to also achieve his/her dreams, that will be awesome.

I really believe that there are opportunities for everybody out there and the internet can change the life of people. Although we all must be skeptical with the all the hype around overnight reaches and golden buttons to immediate success, I’ve been meeting people that really built a nice income online and are living their dream lives. I want to be a part of that club 🙂

Visit my blog from time to time to witness my progress and to get the information I’ll share with you all. This journey is open to anybody that wants to join and only our fear can stop us.

To our success


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