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Jorge Bento – Journey to Success on Internet Marketing. Resources, tools and strategies for starting own business online. Hi there! This blog has the goal to present the strategies and methods I'm using to build my Affiliate Business in the internet. It is intended for people with small budget and little time available. Therefore, we won't talk about quick richness...

21 June 2010 ~ 7 Comments

Starting Your Own Business Online: Is it a Dream or a Nightmare?

Starting Own BusinessStarting an internet business seems to attract more and more people every day. If you visit forums related with online business, the number of new players increases every day and the most popular topics are “How to start a business online?” or “How to make money on the internet?”

There is a buzz in the online community that setting up an online business is the touchstone to instant riches, overnight success, and the easy way to achieve a dream life, with little or no work. The truth is that only a few have experienced any kind of success and fewer were able to start living only from their online businesses. […]

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11 June 2010 ~ 18 Comments

I’m in World Cup Giveway

As I referred in one of my previous posts (check it here) Giveaway events can be one very effective strategy to drive traffic to our blog and thus create a list.

Having that said, I wanted to enter in Giveaways Events not only to test the strategy but also to see the reactions to these events. So I’m not in dozens of giveaways simultaneously, I’m in one giveaway that I selected according the following criteria: […]

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11 June 2010 ~ 14 Comments

My Journey – End of Stage 1

It seems that a long time has passed since my first blog post here, called The Journey Begins, posted on May, 12. But only 1 month has gone, and if I still have a long, long way in front of me, when I look back I feel really amazed at how far I am now from the beginning of my journey.

When I started I was skeptical and excited at the same time. Skeptical because I’ve tried several strategies and techniques to make money online and none proved to work, at least for me. It’s clear that hoping around without a plan and always looking for the next new thing, trying several marketing strategies without a focus on a defined goal, was leading me to a situation where I spent money and time without results. Would I be starting just another one of those lead-to-nowhere courses?

Excited because I realized that I needed a mentor in order to help me find my way and keep on track and finding Alex Jeffreys was one of my ah-ah moments that I was sure would change my life and the way I face Internet Marketing.

And until this moment Alex’s training is over delivering what was promised and met all my expectations by far. I remember the first live coaching session when Alex told us that we must not follow the money but let the money follow us, that we must change from prospect to marketer.

Those words came directly to the core of my positioning has a marketer-to-be and are engraved in the foundation of my plans being the base of my business development.

Because of Alex coaching, all of us, Alex’s students, started our own blogs where we’re documenting our own journeys toward the success in Internet Marketing. Also we developed 90 days plans, that we broke in 3 monthly plans, which gave birth to weekly and daily plans.

In my plan for the first month in this Journey I had established several goals to meet until June, 10, and I’m so happy that I met all of those goals:

  • Setup my Profit Pulling Platform,which I did and his already receiving visitors and also get some subscribers;
  • Setup my Personal Blog, which is this one and following I’m going to show you the results so far in terms of traffic;
  • Publish 5 articles regarding Traffic Generation which I did and published them in eZine Articles;
  • Study different traffic strategies which I did and you can read about them in various posts in this blog (just select category Traffic Strategies);
  • I’m participating in two giveaways, but is too soon to see any results from them;
  • Implement different traffic strategies which I did: blog comments, forum comments, twitter, social bookmarking, article bookmarking, even one try in video marketing.

Regarding what I have accomplished with my blog in terms of traffic, here is the dashboard from Google Analytics with those results:

Google Analytics

During this period I’ve got 396 visits from 198 unique visitors. The main source of traffic came from Marketing With Alex Forum (34,6%), Direct Traffic (21,21%), 8,33% from Warrior Forum and a lot of traffic from referring sites, like blogs, social directories, twitter and articles.

I created 10 posts and received 100+ comments from visitors. Surprisingly, or not, one of the pages with more visitors is the page About Me. The bounce rate is bellow 50% and visitors, in average, read 2 or more posts, staying around for more then 5 minutes.

I believe those are very nice statistics, at least I’m very proud and I believe the majority of my visitors like to read the content I’m posting.

Looking at Alexa’s information about my blog, there is still a lot of information missing, but the overall numbers are also very nice in my opinion:

Alexa Statistics

Almost reach the rank 500,000, which will be one of my goals for the next month.

Overall, I think this has been a very rewarding journey, I’ve been learning a lot, and although I’m not pushing to hard to get more traffic, I’m quite happy with the results.

It is clear that the traffic generation methods I’ve been using are clearly hard work dependent, because as soon as you lower or stop you activities in blog and forum commenting the numbers immediately go down; I must find some way to have a flood of traffic that is constant and independent of my daily activities.

For the next month, although my plan is already laid out, there is a lot of space for improvement and to change focus a little bit from this to that, so this weekend is a period for analyzing, thinking, planning and focusing on my next goals.

Next Monday I’ll publish my second month plan with new challenges and goals to accomplish.

To Alex Jeffreys, all my fellow students (and there are a lot of them which I would like to name for their help, support, comments and good humor; because I’m afraid I may forget someone, I hug all of them) , my subscribers and all visitors, thank you very much for helping me to build my internet business and for letting me share my results with you.

To our success


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04 June 2010 ~ 9 Comments

List Building by Alex Jeffreys

Yesterday we had a coaching session with Alex Jeffreys about List Building and I can tell you: WOW! That  coaching session was really an eye opener regarding some aspects of List Building and what it take to build a responsive list with tens of thousands of subscribers.

Alex JeffreysOne of the aspects I most admire in Alex coaching sessions is the passion he has for the business, how he lives it and how he pass that passion to you, in such a way that you believe that all is possible. And the fact is that all is possible, like Alex just show us using his own history as an example.

Alex is one of those rare persons with the ability to tell you in simple words how you can overcome tasks that you would imagine like impossible or extremely difficult  to accomplish. He turns everything so simple that you think to yourself “Damn, why I didn’t do this before?” […]

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31 May 2010 ~ 16 Comments

3 Ways a Newbie Can Get the Most From a Giveaway Event

This post is written by David Walker. As newbies, our goal is to make money online and one way to achieve that is to build our lists through JV Giveaways. Here, David shares three of his best tips to getting the most from these events as a beginner.

1. Enter Giveaways – Lots of Them!

If you are going to make the most of giveaway events then it shouldn’t come as a surprise when I say you should participate in as many as possible.

There could be five, 10 or even 20 events running at any given time and combined, they have a lot of traffic hitting them so it makes sense to list your product in as many as you possibly can.

Visit a website which lists all of the current JV Giveaways taking place and join them all as a contributor. […]

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28 May 2010 ~ 12 Comments

Traffic and List Building – Video Marketing

This is the last traffic strategy of this series of posts. After identifying which are the most popular traffic strategies, it’s time so start using them, measure the results and put my effort on those that drives more traffic to my blog.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is by far one of the most “interesting” strategies for driving traffic. Interesting because I can have a lot of fun doing your videos, because it’s a great way to communicate your message on a rich media and because, if well done, you can create videos that become viral.

Here is my first experience:

This is a “raw” video done only with Power Point, a piece of video I already had and mixing everything with Windows Movie Maker. […]

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25 May 2010 ~ 20 Comments

Traffic and List Building – Social Bookmarking

Hi everybody

Today we’re going to analyze the traffic we can get using Social Bookmarking and other techniques related with Social Marketing. This is one of the techniques I have less experience with, so I ask you to leave your comments and help me and other readers to understand exactly how this works and the benefits we can get from it.

Social Bookmarking

Social BookmarkingSocial Bookmarking is the practice of saving bookmarks to a public Web site and “tagging” them with keywords.  Bookmarking, on the other hand, is the practice of saving the address of  a Web site you wish to visit in the future on your computer.

To create a collection of social bookmarks, you register with a social bookmarking site, which lets you store bookmarks, add tags of your choice, and designate individual bookmarks as public or private.

With this in mind, when you bookmark your posts and blog to the Social Bookmarking sites you’re putting your blog/website out there in front of millions of people, increasing your visibility ten notches and getting you more branding. […]

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24 May 2010 ~ 8 Comments

Traffic and List Building – Part Three

Hi everybody.

After the 4 days break I did due my birthday, it’s time to get back to work and continue this series of posts. Today we’ll analyze the Article and Press Releases Marketing Strategies.

Alex Jeffreys did a great webinar regarding this topic and the information he shared with us is invaluable, but I promised myself to describe here in my blog the most common strategies for driving free traffic to our blogs and websites because this information is also aimed to those who don’t participate in Alex’s coaching program.

So, without further delays, let’s dive into the topic for today.

Article Marketing

Write and publish articles about our niche market is one of the most interesting strategies for driving traffic to our blog or website at the same time we create relationships with our readers. […]

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20 May 2010 ~ 32 Comments

Birthday Gift (read all)

Hello everybody!!

Today I’m pausing from the traffic posts. It’s my birthday!

On the last day of 2009, at midnight, when we entered 2010, I said to myself, my wife and some friends “2010 will be THE year!”

My wife, of course, told me “Yes, we’ll make it THE year”. Some of my friends also presented their wishes that 2010 could be the year when everything would change for the better.

But the majority moaned the common comments: The economy is down, there are no jobs, there will be less money, the government will cut our privileges, etc.

In December, 31 – January, 1 I didn’t know yet how I would made 2010 THE year. But I knew I had this burning desire to make it happen.

Although some of my tasks were neglected sometimes and I could have done more here and there, the fact is that I still have this feeling that 2010 is a changing year for me.

And I’m pleased to say that this feeling just become more and more strong since I joined MWA 3.0.

I believe that being coached by Alex and with the help and friendship from all Alex students, 2010 is really the beginning of a better life, a life of abundance and freedom. It will be happier, although I’ve been happy most of my life with my wife, my son and my loving family.

Today I want to share my joy, my happiness and my hopes with all of you. I’m 44 years old! This will be, from today, one of my lucky numbers.

Click here to download your giftI’m grateful to all of you that comes by and to demonstrate my appreciation, just click on the image and you’ll be able to download a package with some graphics tools. Is not the best graphic tool in the market but it helps you to build nice buttons, icons, favicons, book covers and a lot of other stuff with a professional and cool look.

For those that are experts in Photoshop and other advanced graphic tools, this can be of little value. For those of you that just don’t now how to design a button like the one in this post, it’s just a couple of clicks.

No strings attached, no opt-in, no affiliate links. Just pure juice.

And drink a beer for me.

Cheers all


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19 May 2010 ~ 8 Comments

Traffic and List Building – Part Two

Hello again.

I wanna start saying Thank You to those who posted comments on this blog and also that commented the previous post in Marketing With Alex Forum.

It is that kind of recognition and praising that fuels our desire to move forward and always trying to provide better content that can really help someone to clear some doubts, explaining a new concept or reassure that we are not alone in the journey.

Traffic and List Building – How to drive traffic and build a list

In my research for strategies to drive traffic to my blog and my PPP site I’ve found countless sources of information. I watched more than 10 hours of video in less then 2 days and I have around 748 MBytes in e-books and reports that I downloaded from the internet. And all of this free information. […]

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