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18 May 2010 ~ 18 Comments

Traffic and List Building

Hello all.

Yesterday was a very interesting day in terms of looking for sources of traffic to my blog/website. We’ve got access to the Traffic Tornados training in Alex Jeffreys Coaching Program, which I devoured, and also I assisted a webinar called Turbo Traffic System, provided by Dean Holland and Adam Spiel, also students of Alex Coaching previous editions.

This is my challenge now, and the challenge to all of my fellow students in Marketing With Alex 3.0: getting traffic to our blogs and Profits Pulling Platform.

I have this commitment to post here what I’ve been discovering regarding Traffic Strategies and although I cannot post today all I’ve learned, basically because there are a lot of things to learn yet and, mostly, to put in action, I wanna describe to you all what I’ve discovered so far. […]

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16 May 2010 ~ 13 Comments

Marketing With Alex…

I named this post Marketing With Alex because I want to describe what means to be part of Alex Jeffreys’ coaching program.

I could easily named this post as The Importance of Having a Coach, because that’s really what this is all about. After several months of struggling alone or with training programs impersonal and where you’re left by your own, being part of this coaching program can be described as a thrilling experience in terms of  feeling that you are part of something.

Why Marketing with Alex?

Alex Jeffreys, who has been praised (with justice) by a lot of other marketers, works with us with a real caring feeling. I mean, you really feel that Alex cares for you and for your success. Don’t misunderstand me here, Alex is not “giving” you everything… he doesn’t do your work for you. But he’s there, showing you the way at the same time you must walk by your own feet.

Also, the community he built around his coaching programs is the best support one can have to progress in this hard journey to become a successful online marketer. From the very beginning, you know you’re not alone. You know Alex is there to help you and to be your guide. He gives you the information you need, he teaches how to build your business and has the gift to create in you the right mindset for success.

Then you start meeting your fellow students, people that are as green as you or some other with more experience, and you all share the burning desire to get there, to cross arms with this wonderful guys and gals and thrive together even if the way ahead is foggy and full with obstacles. They are there to encourage you, to give their honest opinion about what you’re doing, to share what will make your journey a little more easy and, also, to share a joke and help you to see everything in perspective. Because you must have FUN in this Journey.

Being an Internet Marketer, to have success online, doesn’t need to be only work and tears. If you don’t have fun, you will not get closer your objective.

Suddenly you discover people from previous coaching programs, some of them already very successful, and boy, this becomes more and more interesting.

Imagine, you stumble across a famous Internet Marketer, you follow his blog, you subscribe his list and you even buy his products. And then, they’re there, side by side with you, in the same forum, giving you advice, talking to you, showing that you can really have success, because not long ago they were just like you are now. And you believe.

And that’s when this adventure becomes more and more interesting. You wrote a simple question in the forum, about something you don’t know or you just have doubts, and you receive the answer from someone that you used to look as a being from other galaxy… awesome!

Of course there are dangers here. And, speaking for myself, one of the biggest problems I have now is to get away from the forum. There are so many interesting threads, so many valuable information, that you just want to participate, and talk, and discuss, and ask… it’s like when you go to a party and you become so involved talking with people that you don’t eat or drink nothing!

There is work to be done. As I told above, Alex shows you the way but it’s for you to actually walk. You cannot just stay there talking and socializing, although it’s difficult not to do so. But you must work.

I’m a little bit late in the task I imposed myself regarding traffic generation.  And writing articles. But I’ll do them.

Alex told us to write down what we do during the day. I found myself spending almost 2 hours each day in the forum :p

He also told us how important is time management. Well, starting tomorrow all my activities will be planned and with fixed schedule. Because I want to succeed. Not just watching my friends having success, what can happen if I just stay in the forum reading and commenting.

So, do not forget: go to the forum, socialize, help, ask for help, share a joke but reserve time for work. Otherwise your first blog post will be your only post 12 months from now.



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12 May 2010 ~ 22 Comments

The journey begins

Hello everybody!

I’m really excited with the journey ahead and this my first post marks the start of it.

I’ve been watching the Internet Marketing phenomena for some time, but only a few months ago I decided I want to build a business online.

So I’ve been studying a lot of techniques and strategies, spent my share on e-books and online courses, tried a lot of business models, but always with no success. By the end of the day, I just spent more and more money and earnings were zero! Nada!

But I must be honest with you: I think I’ve been suffering from the same problems of the majority of the wanna-be-a-internet-marketer: lack of focus, jumping from technique to technique, always looking for the next big and shiny button to automatic fill my pockets, lack of perseverance… you know what I’m talking about. Most of you know.

But I made another and very important decision: I’m going to succeed! I’m going to find my way, follow the path of successful people and reach the top of the mountain. And I’m committed with that.

I’m also committed to enjoy the journey. I think that we must have fun while we’re working and learning and that we must share. This will allow us to find good companions in our journey and having nice people walking with you makes everything easier, funnier and you even don’t notice the hard work.

So I want to announce, as a start, that I’m not earning money in this business, so my first goal is to make my first buck online! That will be the first milestone.

As for company, I’m with a very nice group of people. My mentor, Alex Jeffreys, and all the present and past Alex students. With their help, advice and humor I’m sure I’ll get there.

And I did not forget what I said before about sharing. I’ll be posting here not only my progress but also what I learn and what it seems effective or must be avoided. And I’ll be glad to answer your questions, if I know the answers, and to read your comments and advice.

I must confess that I never thought I could write so much in my first post, but the words wanted to come outside.

So, come visit from time to time, leave your comments, and I’m sure we can all learn with each other.

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