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Now what?


It’s been some time since I made a post in this blog. There are several reasons for that, but the main reason is that I’m taking almost all my free time to make money online. And am I succeeding at making money? Well, not completely.

Internet Marketing ChallengeIf you believe that you can make money online in a short period of time, just by tossing a couple of websites selling affiliate products and doing a little bit of SEO, then I failed miserably. On the other hand, if you have the idea that it takes time, that there are a lot of things to learn, to test, a lot of failures before you start making a decent income, then I’m on the path.

After the SEO success achieved during the Xmas period, when I was able, with a partner, to get a site raking #1 in Google for a keyword with more then 100.000.000 competitors, I supposed that what I needed was just to create some more sites, using the same techniques, and that the money would roll in like water. The fact is that is not the case.

Yes, I was able to rank some more sites to page 1 of Google, some of them sitting in #2 or #3, but the money is just a small trickle. Till now, for the last two months, I was able to generate like $150. One may consider that, for only two months of work, serious work, in affiliate marketing, is not too bad, considering the enormous number of people that can’t make a dime.

That can be true, but when you look past and see the endless number of hours you spent on this, for the last two months, you get a very frustrating feeling. If I have a job receiving something like $5/hour, this effort would represent more then $1.000, not just $150.

I believe that this is the point where a lot of people just give up. We work like dogs for almost nothing. And we are still flooded with announcements of people making hundreds of thousands! You start to doubt yourself, you begin believing this is not for you, you’re not a smart person or that there must be some kind of secret hidden somewhere.

I can tell you this. I’m not giving up (yet) because I still believe it is possible. After all, when I took a look at the majority of training courses that have been popping in the last weeks like mushrooms after the rain, I see that the majority of them are built around what I’m already doing. Which leads me to the following consideration: or these are people that after concluding they can’t make money in the affiliate arena are trying to get money from the online-marketers-to-be, or I’m in the right path and maybe, maybe, the success is just behind the next corner.

All in all, in the last two months I generated $150 after almost two years of zero earnings. This must count for something, don’t you think? Once I heard from Anik Singal that the path to success in IM is like pushing a rock to the top of a big and step mountain. And you’ll never know when you reach the top. Only when suddenly the rock starts moving down on the other side of the mountain.

During your hard trip upwards you’ll find distractions, empty promises and a lot of other circumstances that will try to prevent you to get there. Sometimes the promises are too good to believe, but some other times they show you a apparently clear way to get a shortcut to the top. Although you have a small voice in the back of your head saying to you that you must not be diverted from your own path, it’s really hard to resist, specially when the path seems a little more difficult or you just feel near the end of your strength. Will you be able to resist the empty promises and take your burden to the end?

I’m not sure about me yet, but I’m keeping on the rocky step for the moment.

Tell me about your experiences, your path to success and where you are at the moment. Sometimes a little chat, sharing what is just buzzing in our heads is enough to give us a clear vision and to find the strength with need to keep moving. Let’s just rest a little and have a beer for the way…



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4 Responses to “Now what?”

  1. Tina Lindgren 28 March 2011 at 10:03 pm Permalink

    Hi Jorge
    What a great honest and very well written article – I know that feeling of inner doubt – after all that work and so little to show for. I’ll keep that quote from jannik Silver – to push me forward.

    I am also a student of Alex Jeffrey and I am always ready to chat
    about this or that – And I never mind a beer as well 🙂

    Tina Lindgren´s last blog post ..Are You a opportunity seeker or an entrepreneur

    • Jorge 4 April 2011 at 7:25 pm Permalink

      Greetings Tina.

      Glad you’re following Alex’s training, he’s a very nice guy and definitely we have a lot to learn from him.

      Sometimes it is too hard to move forward, especially when the fruits of your labor are so scarce and you think “what a joke”. And I believe we must learn from our minor achievements (some called them failures) even if it is to realize we’re still on the very beginning. But alas, let’s move on.

      Thanks for the chat, and come back soon. I know I said several times that I’ll be posting more frequently about what I discover and what is working for me, and I intent to keep that promise, but time is so short…



  2. James Hughes 31 March 2011 at 3:13 pm Permalink

    Hi Jorge

    Good post.

    I think that you have got to keep working at it.

    I’m just starting to see some success now with my blog.

    I’m aiming to get my first big product done in the next month and create some fruitful partnerships with some top marketers.

    Lets keep in touch

    James Hughes´s last blog post ..Work at Home and Make Money Online With Clickbank

    • Jorge 4 April 2011 at 7:27 pm Permalink

      Hello James.

      I’m truly glad you’re starting to see the “crest of the hill”. Good luck with your first product, I wish you all the best.

      Please come back and tell us how it is going. I’m always happy when I see people getting success. It motivates me the most.



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