Easy Paycheck Formula

UPDATE: This product is not available any longer, except for special openings that occur rarely. Subscribe to my blog and I’ll let you know if it opens again for new students.

Easy Paycheck Formula

The Easy Paycheck Formula, by Sara Young, is a product that will help you to make money using two simple resources: Article Marketing and Amazon Affiliate Program.

Basically, the Easy Paycheck Formula teaches how to find products to promote in Amazon online store and using article marketing to promote those products, making commissions every time one of your readers buy in Amazon after reaching the online store from your link.

Although the product doesn’t introduce any revolutionary concept or technique, it is well structured and for newbies provides a sure way to make money on short term. Sara goes beyond the simple concept explanation, she really show how to become a Platinum Author for eZineArtciles, since you must be Platinum to get some freedom with your articles, namely to be allowed to publish articles for reviewing products.

Sara also goes deep in showing us how to effectively research for good products and the best way to promote them without “hard selling”. Of course, when a reader clicks your links and end up in Amazon Online Store, even if that reader buys another product while your “cookie” is still alive, you get a commission.

The Easy Paycheck Formula presents a very straight forward methodology and you don’t need any fancy technology or any back-hat or gray-hat to make money. Just follow Sara’s blueprint, work your time and you’ll make money.

The other face of the coin is that Amazon pays very low commissions. Starting at 4%, it may rise to 6%, or higher, depending the number of sales per month and the type of products. This means you need to select expensive products and well known products to make some real money, but if you follow Sara’s recommendations its just a numbers game where you can win with a little work.

Click here to watch a video from Sara Young explaining how to make money from articles.

To test Easy Paycheck Formula my self, I selected some products with a lot of competition and was able to generate some sells with just a few hours work and following Sara’s blueprint. All in all, I generated $736,08 in sales, which corresponds to a commission of $29,44. Not much, but I didn’t work too much in this. And the articles and the review pages are still there, which means I may make more commissions from future sales.

You can easily create 10+ articles and reviews like Sara teaches in 3-4 hours of work, if you are quick, or 6-7 hours if you’re slow. I created only 4 articles, two review pages and did some backlink. I spent around 2 hours on this and got $29,44. Doing some real work I have no doubts you can create easily a 4 figures per month business.

The other negative aspect for me is that you cannot stop. Although the articles remains and the review pages are still there, giving you the possibility to make future sales, if you don’t do some proper and periodic backlinking you’ll make no money from your old pages and articles.

To summarize, nice product, perfect for starting making some bucks, use it cleverly and combine with effective backlinking strategies and you can make a very nice income. If you invest a little of your earnings in outsourcing, mainly in the backlink stuff, you can create a very nice and steady business.

Positive Aspects

  • Easy to learn
  • No need special tech background
  • No initial money to start earning
  • The more you work the more you earn

Negative aspects

  • Middle term for first earnings
  • Must keep creating backlinks (you can outsource)
  • Amazon pays low commissions

Further applications

Once you dominate the technique you can use it to promote other products from other affiliate networks and increase your revenue dramatically.

Disclosure: if you buy this course from any links in this page, I receive a commission from it.

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